Hotel San Cristobal

Todos Santos was founded in 1733 with the establishment of the Mission Santa Rosa de Todos Santos. One of the most widespread legends of Todos Santos is that of the Hotel California, which was supposedly the inspiration for the group "Eagles" to compose the world-famous song that bears its name. He joined the Pueblos Mágicos program in 2006. It is a town where the meeting of cultures is something daily and the visitor is captivated by the intense artistic life that takes place in its galleries and festivals, by the subtle charm of its streets and the enveloping sway of its beaches that look towards the Pacific.

A few kilometers outside of Todos Santos is the Punta Lobos beach. Isolated coastal area with large rocks and strong waves. It is popular for swimming, surfing, and fishing. There is the hotel San Cristobal. There are the ruins of an old abalone cannery at the eastern end of the property. In that place the spectacular and intimate wedding of Jacklin and Carlo took place. Join me to remember it!


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