¿what do i do?

Someone asked me one day, "How long have you been in photography?" That was when I realized that I don't really have a concrete answer, because my whole life since I was very young has been something exciting for me!!. I love to be a documentary wedding photographer and that means that I don't concentrate on having a photo posed, sharp, colorful, with many special effects, because I know that at the end when you see it, it won't remind you anything emotional. For me, capturing a special moment and having it forever in a photo is much more valuable. If you have considered me to be part of that great day, I only ask you "trust me". If you think so, then I am the one for you.


“Fernando, you have a beautiful skill that preserves years of memories for others. Thank you for all you did.”

“Fernando is the best!!!”

“Love, Love, Love this!! He did such an amazing job with the photos, I could not be any happier!!”

“We are delighted with your photographs! They are beautiful and the style is spectacular! Thank you very much for capturing these unforgettable moments!”