Leica wedding photography.

This time I wanted to do something different. I did this full wedding with my Leica M10 camera, it's not easy since the focus is completely manual and the other settings are not very quick to change them, but not having the pressure of being the main camera this time and being a second shooter, it gave me the opportunity to do it. I mainly used two Voigtlander lenses, a 35mm Ultron F2 and a 75mm F2.5. I really enjoyed it a lot, I had time to think a little more about the frames, the moments and Click!. I took a little very few photos with my Fuji x100v camera, a tremendous little one that has all the features of a professional camera in a very compact body. An excellent camera as a backup. I really liked the results, as you can see. In addition, my back thanked me very much for not carrying the weight of the cameras and lenses that I normally use for weddings all day. SONY, I'm so sorry, this time you were kept at home, haha. Thanks to my son Francisco Salas for inviting me to the wedding of Araceli and Alessandro, they were spectacular!

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